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In Mexico it´s common for people to use the expression "my house is your house" to tell their guests to feel comfortable and free when they visit them.


In the case of Villa Orquídea, we want that, that anyone who visits us feels welcomed in a unique and special way.


With only 7 rooms, the experience of our guests is always special.

We seek to create an environment that, on the one hand, has the relaxed feeling of a warm home, while having the luxury and comfort worthy of the most demanding clients ...



We have alliances with some tour operators that offer trips to the attractions near Mérida, so you don't miss out  amazing places like Chichen Itza (wonder of the world) to see the flamingos in Celestún, wonderful cenotes and beaches worthy of a postcard

rio lagartos animales-4-min.JPG


We want you to feel at home and rest and enjoy with us.

We have different amenities to give you a complete experience, so, you can enjoy services such as massages, breakfast included, tours ...

Desayunos Villa Orquidea Diciembre 2019-
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